Admission to the BA in Theatre (BA Honours) program is based both on academic performance and artistic merit. Academic admissibility is assessed by York University, while artistic merit is evaluated by the Department of Theatre. Therefore, the application to the Theatre program is a two-step process..

Applications to this program are accepted for Fall (September) entry only.

You may apply to more than one AMPD program; however you must apply separately to each one.

Step 1: Apply to York University

If you are currently enrolled full-time in an Ontario high-school, contact your guidance office to apply for admission to York University’s Theatre (BA Honours) program.

Other candidates, including international applicants outside of Ontario, can apply through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) or York University’s Application.

International applicants are also encouraged to visit York University’s website for international students.

For application deadlines please visit York University’s Deadlines for Undergraduate Study.

Current York University students interested in transferring to the program should contact the Department of Theatre directly at to apply.

Step 2: Complete the Supplementary Evaluation

In addition to applying for admission to York through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) or York University’s Application, applicants to the Theatre program must complete a Supplementary Evaluation.

Once you have received your York Reference Number from the Office of Admissions, you may proceed to the Supplementary Evaluation website. If you are applying to more than one AMPD program, you must complete a separate Supplementary Evaluation for each one.

The following AMPD programs do not require a Supplementary Evaluation:

Theatre Supplementary Evaluation

The Supplementary Evaluation for the Theatre program includes a questionnaire, an on-campus evaluation and optional references.

The questionnaire is intended to help us learn about your academic and artistic background, interests and goals as they relate to our Theatre program.

A $60 CAD evaluation fee is required to submit your questionnaire. You will then be able to proceed with the evaluation.

The on-campus evaluation appointment will consist of your presentation, followed by a brief personal interview and a writing exercise. You will also have the opportunity to attend an information session, chat with our current students, and take a tour of our Theatre facilities.

You will be required to bring a recent photo to your on-campus evaluation. Wallet/passport size is sufficient; professional headshots are not required.

You will have the opportunity to upload your reference letters via the Supplementary Evaluation website or you may bring them with you to your on-campus evaluation.

Presentation: choose only one option, please keep this part to 4 – 6 minutes

There are six presentation options, each of which emphasizes one or more of our specialized areas:

  1. Presentation of a design and/or production portfolio.
  2. Reading or performance of your original script.
  3. Presentation of your critique on a professional theatre production that you have seen.
  4. Presentation of an experience you have had teaching theatre.
  5. Presentation of an experience in production of a play –
    • discuss a specific theatrical experience you have had, whether in directing, stage management, production, design, building or other position you have held.
    • Tell us in detail what your role was, what problems you encountered and how you did, or did not, resolve them.
  6. Performed presentation of two monologues from any published plays. Please use contrasting monologues (e.g. comedy/drama, classical/contemporary), each no more than 2 – 3 minutes in length and memorized. Clearly state the name of the play and the character you are portraying.
    • Use only published plays (songs, poems and your own creations are not appropriate);
    • read the play and know the story – do not use monologue books!
    • do not choose two pieces from the same play;
    • do not use a special accent or dialect (we want to hear your own voice);
    • choose a character in your own age range (it is not advisable to play either old or very young characters); and
    • no mime.

An on-campus evaluation is a key component of our program. We strongly encourage all our applicants to attend an in-person evaluation on campus as it offers you the most extensive and engaged experience.  However, if a distance of more than 400km away from York University, or other extenuating circumstances preclude you from coming to campus, you may arrange for an online evaluation at that time.

We encourage you to submit your supplementary evaluation as early as possible to be considered for an early offer of admission.

New this year: In partnership with York University, the National Arts Centre is offering FREE AUDITION COACHING for students who self-identify as members of communities under-represented on Canada’s stages. Further details and application information  is available directly from the NAC .


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York University and the AMPD offer an array of scholarships, awards and bursaries for incoming students.

AMPD Talent Entrance Scholarships of $1000 are available every year to reward audition or evaluation excellence. Scholarships, awards and bursaries are available based on academic performance or by application. For detailed information on these opportunities, visit York University’s Scholarships & Financial Aid website and AMPD’s Scholarships, Awards & Bursaries website.

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