Acting Conservatory Call Backs 2020

UPDATE 2020: Callback videos must be submitted per the instructions in your callback email.

Acting Conservatory Callbacks – via video Submission

Many thanks to all who have auditioned. Your industry and talent are much appreciated.  The people on the list below are invited to submit callback videos. Please look to your email for instructions on which video to perform, and specific redirect instructions.

Bronwyn Allen

Faith Andrew

Melanie Arauco

Stéphane Arcand

Alexander Boese

Annie Buckton

Zoe Cason

Mercedes Clunie

Rachel Cucheron

Lisha Gicana

Kyle Granada

Cody Hodgins

Elya Khairul Azhar

Claudia Lamaj

Robert Leitner

Liam Lockhart-Rush

Cassidy Marat

Mackenzie Mccallum-Mallory

Dana McCarty

Sarah Miller

Tristan Moore

Isaiah Morra

Shelby Mwambu

Rachel Quintanilla

Liam Ryan

Hope Van Der Merwe










































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[The following text with NOT be used in 2020. It remains here for future years’ use! Enjoy seeing what you DON’T have to do!]

Neutral Scene

(please memorize both roles: A and B)

A:         Hi.

B:         Hello.

A:         How’s everything?

B:         Fine. I guess.

A:         Do you know what time it is?

B:         No. Not exactly.

A:         Don’t you have a watch?

B:         Not on me.

A:         Well?

B:         Well what?

A:         What did you do last night?

B:         What do you mean?

A:         What did you do last night?

B:         Nothing.

A:         Nothing?

B:         I said, nothing.

A:         I’m sorry I asked.

B:         That’s all right.