BAKKHAI by Euripides a New Version by Anne Carson

Directed by David Jansen

“Euripides was a playwright of the fifth century BC who reinvented Greek tragedy, setting it on a path that leads straight to reality TV. His plays broke all the rules, upended convention and outraged conservative critics. The Bakkhai is his most subversive play, telling the story of a man who cannot admit he would rather live in the skin of a woman, and a god who seems to combine all sexualities into a single ruinous demand for adoration. Dionysos is the god of intoxication. Once you fall under his influence, there is no telling where you will end up.” – Anne Carson

Joseph G. Green Theatre

Preview Tickets: $ 9.00
Regular Tickets: $ 18.00



CCTA2023 - All Good Things Must Begin

Climate Change Theatre Action 2023

All Good Things Must Begin is a collection of short climate plays from the 2023 Climate Change Theatre Action performed by an all female cast from the BFA Acting program at York University. The Production is being directed by Professor Jamie Robinson alongside student Assistant Directors within the Theatre program. This production will be collecting and sending donations to the Greenbelt Foundation as our contribution to the Climate Action initiatives. During the rehearsal process, York University’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Mike Layton, discussed various initiatives within the University that the Theatre program could partake in.


YUFFA Fringe Returns from Edinburgh

York's first time back in Scotland since 2018

After pausing for the last few years due to travel restrictions, our Edinburgh Summer Program returned to Scotland in August 2023 with two projects. What Can Indian Look Like? was a series of two shows Exploring Diverse Indian Identities from Natasha Advani Thangkiew and Shaharah Gaznabbi in which they navigate diaspora, discrimination, and coming-of-age to find what Indian can mean and look like. In Aionos Set, ancient Egyptian god of chaos, mixes things up to get the views up for the daily livestream of Anubis, god of death, but trying to get some fresh young faces to go through the Trials of Arru to see if they’re worthy to pass onto the afterlife for the entertainment of a pan-pantheon of deities.