What's Happening at Theatre?


The Theme of the Department of Theatre's 2018-19 Season

Disruptors innovate. Disruptors interrupt. Disruptors infiltrate. This season, Theatre@York presents plays that focus on the impact and influence of people who are agents of change. Sometimes unconventional, always challenging, these are characters who will never leave well enough alone. The Reading Group, made up of fifteen students from acting, production/design and performance creation & research as well as three faculty members, read many diverse plays and met over six months to determine the Disruptors season.

Rochdale a new play by David Yee under the direction of Nina Lee Aquino, featuring the fourth year acting ensemble.

Middletown by Will Eno, featuring the acting students in the MFA program and directed by the esteemed Jackie Maxwell.

Orlando by Sarah Ruhl, directed by MFA candidate Lindsey Bell, and
The Balcony by Jean Genet, directed by MFA candidate Margaret Legere. The two shows will be performed in repertory and feature the MFA and fourth-year actors.

For more details about these plays and the rest of our compelling 2018-19 Season, see our full Season Announcement.


Spotlight on Faculty: Heather Fitzsimmons Frey

Banting Post-Doctoral Fellow Heather Fitzsimmons Frey is featured in this month’s Spotlight on Faculty. Heather’s work lies in the area of performance-based historiography—that is, the method of using embodied performance work to gain insights about history. She describes her work as “conducting research regarding performance for / by / and with young people, which means that I am interested in the creative work that professionals make for kids, that are made by children themselves, and that include children as performers and creators, in professional, educational, and amateur settings.” She shares a little about her research, and one of her mentors, Joyce Boorman, whose motto, a little prayer “that she could disappear so that the child could appear,” has profoundly influenced how she creates, conducts research, and does scholarship.


50 Years of Disruption: Luke Reece

In Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Dept. of Theatre at York

We’re pointing our spotlight this year on 50 significant people from the past 50 years. Each week, we’ll ask an alum 4 questions about themselves and their experience at York. This week we’re joined by Luke Reece who is is a producer, playwright, poet and educator. He is the Producer for Canada’s leading culturally specific theatre company, Obsidian Theatre, and also works to offer opportunities to empower and support young-in-craft artists with his collective, Little Black Afro Theatre, creating spaces for artists to develop work with and for the communities they come from.

Read more about Luke’s experiences at York, the people he met and the growth he experienced here, that have an impact on him every day.



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