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The Theme of the Department of Theatre's 2018-19 Season

Disruptors innovate. Disruptors interrupt. Disruptors infiltrate. This season, Theatre@York presents plays that focus on the impact and influence of people who are agents of change. Sometimes unconventional, always challenging, these are characters who will never leave well enough alone. The Reading Group, made up of fifteen students from acting, production/design and performance creation & research as well as three faculty members, read many diverse plays and met over six months to determine the Disruptors season.

Rochdale a new play by David Yee under the direction of Nina Lee Aquino, featuring the fourth year acting ensemble.

Middletown by Will Eno, featuring the acting students in the MFA program and directed by the esteemed Jackie Maxwell.

Orlando by Sarah Ruhl, directed by MFA candidate Lindsay Bell, and
The Balcony by Jean Genet, directed by MFA candidate Margaret Legere. The two shows will be performed in repertory and feature the MFA and fourth-year actors.

For more details about these plays and the rest of our compelling 2018-19 Season, see our full Season Announcement.


Spotlight on Faculty: Anita La Selva

Anita La Selva is an actor, director and creator, and a part-time faculty member at York University’s Dept of Theatre, teaching in the Acting Area. She loves creation and the process of discovery in approaching a new work; whether that be on stage, screen or in the studio/classroom. Having worked for many years as an actor in theatre, film and tv (and she still does!) she also juggles a directing and creating career, as well as teaching here at York. Recently she’s been creating and directing new inter-disciplinary works with actors, dancers, singers, musicians and video artists, including the play Stones, which was co-produced with Aluna Theatre.

Read about Anita’s exciting balancing act of teaching, creating and acting in this month’s Spotlight on Faculty.


50 Years of Disruption: Richard Lee

In Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Dept. of Theatre at York

We’re pointing our spotlight this year on 50 significant people from the past 50 years. Each week, we’ll ask an alum 4 questions about themselves and their experience at York. This week we’re joined by Actor, Fight Director, Sound Designer, Educator and Theatre Maker Richard Lee (BFA Theatre: Acting 2000). Richard is a Toronto-based Theatre Artist, who work primarily as an Actor, but also creates his own work in a range of roles.

Read more about Richard’s journey from York to his multi-faceted work in professional theatre, and how his dissatisfaction with “waiting for the phone to ring” led him to stage combat, sound design, and, ultimately to make his own theatre work. Richard says his “hatred of failing” has helped make him a life-long learner, and that his time at York gave him a perspective that makes him always willing to push himself out of his comfort zones in order to discover new things.