October 21, 2012

“Wounds to the Face”: Opening Night Audience Reactions!

Opening of Wounds to the Face Opening Night at “Wounds to the Face”

Theatre@York's Wounds to the Face officially opened last night at the Joseph G. Green Theatre and we were there to ask patrons what they thought of the show! Check out a snippet of some of their responses below.

“The acting was phenomenal. The visual effects were phenomenal. “—Hugh, parent

“That ending image was beautiful!” —Katherine, student

“I think it was the best Theatre@York show I've ever seen.” —Justyn, student

“That was the riskiest show I've seen at York. I thought some in recent years were risky, but this…” —Cass, student

“I was really impressed. I really, really, liked the costumes. There were so many and they were ALL phenomenal!” —Shawna, student

“Um… well…wow.” —Kathleen, student

“The script was a good choice and I appreciated the intensity and risks that all the actors took. I appreciated that they went for it and didn't hold back.” —Sarah, student

“I LOVED the Empress's costume with the long black dress and huge heels. Great costumes.” —Freeda, student

“So well done, one of the best shows I've seen at York in my 3 years. (The acronym for this show was so appropriate.)” —Caitlin, student

And a final thought which seemed to be a collective feeling within the room comes from student, Christoph, who could only say: “I'm digesting it.”

Don't miss your chance to experience to thrill, danger and audacity that is Howard Baker's Wounds to the Face tonight at 7:30pm, Thursday, October 24th at 7:30pm, Friday, October 25th at 1:00pm and 7:30pm and Saturday at 7:30pm!