Production and Design

The Theatre Production/Design Area in the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design  offers interested, capable and committed students the opportunity to study in the areas of

  • Theatre Design  – set, lighting, costume
  • Construction – costume, scenery, props
  • Management – production management, technical direction, stage management.

In addition, a required series of Production Practicum assignments provide opportunities to engage in all aspects of production and design for live performance, from front-of-house to sound design.

Note: Production/Design students are expected to participate in more than one specialization. This allows both intense study in a specific discipline and broader exposure to other disciplines within Production and Design.

Students must successfully complete the first-year core courses, THEA 1010 3.0, THEA 1100 3.0 and THEA 1200 6.0., in order to apply to Production/Design.

Students accepted into the Production/Design Area must complete a Change of Degree form (available from the Registrar’s Office) by June 30 to switch from BA Honours to BFA Honours.

Specific courses are listed below. Students pursuing set, costume or lighting design are required to take co-requisites courses in the Production/Design area. All students are encouraged to consider the complementary AMPD/out-of-major courses.

Criteria for Entry

Candidates for the Production/Design Area must meet all academic criteria for entry into second-year Theatre, including satisfactory completion with a C+ average of all required first-year theatre courses and satisfactory progress in completing BFA and University-required courses.

Students must have demonstrated a potential for success in the Production/Design Area, including the ability to work well with others and participate fully in first-year classes and crews.  Candidates must write a letter of intent to the Production/Design Area Coordinator (Professor Ian Garrett), explaining why they wish to pursue studies in this area, stating which particular disciplines are of interest, and indicating previous relevant experience.

Acceptance will be based on the letter of intent, an interview, and the student’s academic record.  In the case of application to design classes, presentation of a portfolio of related work is required.  The Production/Design Area faculty are interested in a student’s ability in class, overall attitude, commitment to crew work, and aptitude for production work.  Candidates should bring to the interview a portfolio or at least two examples (preferably recent) of work that demonstrates visual and artisanal dexterity or organizational ability.

Second Year

Stresses skills in a number of areas and responsibility for specific areas of crew work.

Required courses:

  • THEA 2100 3.0 Production Practicum I
  • THEA 2101 6.0 Production Practicum I
  • THEA 2110 6.0 Stagecraft
  • THEA 2200 6.0 Theatrical Worlds in Transition
  • THEA 2410 6.0 History of Visual Sources for Theatrical Design


  • THEA 2120 3.0 Intro to Costuming
  • THEA 2121 3.0 Basic Costuming I
  • THEA 2141 3.0 Intro to Design

Third Year

Further acquisition of basic skills and the start of exploration into design for the theatre.  There will be some separation and development of ability and talent.

Required courses:

  • THEA 3100 3.0 Production Practicum II or
  • THEA 3101 6.0 Production Practicum II
  • THEA 3200 3.0 Modern Theatre and Society
  • Additional 6.0 credits in 3000 or 4000 level courses, of which at least 3.0 credits must be in the Production/Design Area

All students must complete either THEA 3150 3.0 Theatre Management or THEA 4150 3.0 Professional Aspects of Theatre in order to graduate.

Fourth Year

Continuing a pursuit of excellence, students may concentrate in any or several production/design disciplines.  Students may be given major production assignments as part of the Production Practicum.

Production Practicum is required of any third- or fourth-year production student taking the equivalent of 1.5 or more production courses in an academic year.  Production Practicum requires production meetings of two hours per week, plus evening and weekend crews as assigned.

In addition to the above, the Production/Design Area offers the following course options. Please note that not all of these courses are offered every year. For more information on actual course offerings, please consult the online course timetable.

  • THEA 3110 3.0 Stagecraft II
  • THEA 3120 3.0 Basic Costuming II
  • THEA 3130 6.0 Lighting Design
  • THEA 3142 3.0 Drawing for the Theatre I *
  • THEA 3143 3.0 Set and Costume Design I
  • THEA 3144 3.0 Set and Costume Design II
  • THEA 3145 3.0 Technical Drawing for the Theatre
  • THEA 3180 3.0 Stage Management
  • THEA 4100 3.0 Production Practicum III
  • THEA 4101 6.0 Production Practicum III
  • THEA 4110 6.0 Stagecraft III
  • THEA 4111 3.0   Sustainable Staging Techniques
  • THEA 4130 3.0 Lighting Design II
  • THEA 4142 3.0 Drawing for the Theatre II *
  • THEA 4143 6.0 Set and Costume Design III
  • THEA 4800G 3.0 Production Management


  • THEA 3142 3.0 is a co-requisite of THEA 3130 6.0, THEA 3143 3.0 and THEA 3144 3.0;
  • THEA 4142 3.0 is a co-requisite of THEA 4143 6.0