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Post National by Deborah Pearson, Ross Manson and Kate Alton


Frank Chung
Maggie Mae Cook
Kathryn Geertsema
Asha James
Laura Mannion
Victoria Mero,
Andrea Pavlovic,
Sepehr Reybod
Navtej Sandhu
Dewey Stewart
Jessica Wareing
Micah Woods


Dahlia Katz & Jeremy Mimnagh


a new

work devised by students under the mentorship of an international collaboration between UK-
based artist Deborah Pearson, and the remarkable Volcano, Toronto’s world renown boundary

pushing theatre company. Post National is an innovative exploration of Canadian identity and
citizenship in an increasingly populist world.
In keeping with our mission to examine a significant topic each year through the choice of our
plays and symposiums, we have taken on the timely exploration of Worlds of Exile, a season of
plays exploring longing, belonging and displacement. With Worlds of Exile, we are reflecting on
aspects of the varied experience of persons who, either by choice or as a result of imposition, are
living outside their home of origin, are othered by virtue of colonial exile practices, who have
returned home only to find it unrecognizable, or who, as the children or grandchildren of exiles,
are living in two worlds.
More than 108 young people – a new group of 12 for each of our nine performances – are involved
in Post National as guest performers.

  • House Manager/Publicity Assistant
    Madeline Ius

  • Head of Publicity
    Tanner Wur-Lucko

  • Head of Media
    Rachel Goudie

  • Head of Sound
    Elizabeth Furlano

  • Head of Sound
    Meaghan Lisson

  • Assistant Electrician
    Ella Theisinger

  • Assistant Electrician
    Hannah Stevens

  • Head Electrician
    Ella Wieckowski

  • Co-Head of Makeup
    Courtney Binnie

  • Co-Head of Makeup
    Emily Hughes

  • Co-Head of Dressing
    Arina Imbirovski

  • Co-Head of Dressing
    Maryam Arman

  • Assistant Wardrobe
    Nirina Shipwaykeesic-Loft

  • Assistant Wardrobe
    Kalina Popova

  • Assistant Wardrobe
    Ellie Koffman

  • Assistant Wardrobe
    Monica MacFadyen

  • Head Cutter
    Acadia Walsh

  • Head of Wardrobe
    Gwyneth Whalen-Hughes

  • Assistant Scenic Paint
    Jenna Zevenbergen

  • Assistant Scenic Paint
    Katherine Peltola

  • Head of Scenic Paint
    Emily Bahula

  • Assistant Props
    Fabiana Mercurio

  • Assistant Props
    Jacob Lin

  • Assistant Props
    Hazel Forbes

  • Head Props
    Laura Saad

  • Assistant Carpentry
    Elizabet Karapetian

  • Assistant Carpentry
    Cameron Howey

  • Assistant Carpentry
    Nathan Bruce

  • Head of Carpentry
    Madeleine Harkness

  • Assistant Technical Director
    Julian Iacob

  • Assistant Technical Director
    Adam Breen

  • Technical Director
    Eleanor Kschischang

  • Assistant Stage Manager
    Julia Carrano

  • Assistant Stage Manager
    Shae-Lynn Applegate

  • Assistant Stage Manager
    Kate Alford

  • Guest Performer Manager
    Madeleine Monteleone

  • Stage Manager
    Elliott Donovan

  • Assistant Production Manager
    Yu Liang

  • Production Manager
    Anastasiya Popova

  • Production Manager
    Luc Gaylie

  • Research Dramaturge
    Maria Wodzinska

  • Assistant Director
    Geneviève Canavan

  • Media Designer
    Alexandra Caprara

  • Sound Designer
    Cilaine Maurin

  • Costume Designer
    Judie Plaza

  • Lighting Designer
    Riley Fisher Pynn

  • Set Designer
    Lydia Connor