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love in the time of werewolves by david yee


Diana Belshaw


Stephan Arcand
Alex Boese
Zoe Cason
Mercedes Clunie
Rachel Cucheron
Lisha Gicana
Farisya Khairul
Robert Leitner
Cassidy Marat
Dana McCarthy
Tristan Moore
Shelby Mwambu
Rachel Quintanilla
Liam Ryan
Hope Van Der Merwe


Jeremy Mimnagh


The year is 2419. Earth’s third planetary colony is still recovering from the Interstellar Wars, while the blood feud between Tysius and Yarro clans threatens to upset its delicate balance. Song of Chrysanthemums chronicles the heroic journey of Fabian Tysius, his torrid love affair with Elsa Yarro, and the unspeakable secret which threatens to tear them asunder.

love in the time of werewolves is a farce about the politics and chaos behind the scenes of a community theatre group attempting to get through Tech Dress of an epic new play. Love affairs, internal squabbling, grievous bodily harm, re-casting and a potentially dangerous intruder all stand between this production and greatness.


  • Assistant Props/Paint
    Alexandrine Butterworth

  • Assistant Head of Wardrobe
    Mikaela Cordero

  • Assistant Head of Wardrobe
    Yuqi Ding

  • Assistant Head of Props
    M Graham

  • Head Cutter
    Hellen Hanna

  • Assistant Head of Wardrobe
    Keara Hicks

  • Assistant Head of Sound
    Arni Muras

  • Assistant Technical Director
    Mary Whitlib

  • Assistant Production Manager
    Halcyon Tran

  • Head of Sound
    Hannah Rocca

  • Head of Props
    Fionn Kellas

  • Head of Stage Carpentry
    Cerys Ford

  • Head of Wardrobe
    Claire West

  • Head Carpenter
    Vasilisa Filippova

  • Head of Scenic Art
    Gabrielle de Manuel

  • Head Electrician
    Kate Counsel

  • Dramaturge
    Sarah Miller

  • Costume Designer
    Megan Herman

  • Set Designer
    Sarah Kolody

  • Sound Designer
    Clark Pigeau

  • Lighting Designer
    Aidan Jackson-Hoag

  • Assistant Stage Manager
    Ella Baker

  • Assistant Director
    Eric Armal

  • Technical Director
    Emma Lebar

  • Production Manager
    Darla Deirgratia

  • Assistant Stage Manager
    Maia Callejo

  • Stage Manager
    Maeve Weishar

  • Production Manager
    Robert Follows