Production/Design Area Acceptances 2019

Contingent upon meeting the minimum grade point average requirements in the 2018/2019 academic year and meeting the requirements and deadlines of the Department of Theatre, the following students are offered placement in second-year Production/Design for the fall term of the 2019/20 academic year.

Leo Zou
Kayla Ado
Gunes Agduk
Yasmine Amirkhani
Jacqueline Barry
Jonathan Bean
Ashley Boldt
Myles Bryan-Murray
Hazel Chia
Matteo Da Costa
Erin Dagenais
Owen Demers
Edna Ding
Tessa Dougan
Gabriel Futo Ahma
Jan Gerl Korenc
Gabi Grande
Ashley Horvat
Christopher Jacobs
Sabrina Janzen
Brianna Jesus
Simran Kapoor
Sarah Kolody
Rehaan Lachporia
Samantha Levy
Liane Low
Zoe Marin
Miranda Matthews
Jessica Mazaris
Ryan McGarvey
Robyn Mercanti
Wasifa Noshin
Vera Oleynikova
Ashley Ovington
Philip Ratcliff
Michael Reynolds
Mohamed Shoeib
Eliza Smith
Karolina Solovka
Lauren Tiersma
Megan Turingia
Roberto Vallarino
Revill Villanueva
Zezhong Wang
Noah Webster
Kyra Wellington

Students must accept or decline offers via email by NOON on April 22, 2019, to James McKernan ( If accepting, students must submit their crew preference request form (attached to their email informing them of their acceptance into the stream) along with their determination. 

If you have been accepted into more than one area, please notify the area whose offer you are accepting and the area(s) whose offer(s) you are waiving. Acceptance into any area/series of courses is conditional upon final grades at the end of the 2019 winter term.

NOTE: Please ensure that James McKernan ( has your preferred coordinates for the summer: e-mail and telephone number. James and Production Area Faculty will be in contact with you several times about preparing for September.

IMPORTANT: Students who accept an offer into acting or production must submit a request to change their degree from Honours BA (Specialized) to Honours BFA by going online and electronically submitting the form “Change My Program” by June 30th (

If you do not receive an email, please check your spam, and then be in touch with James McKernan (