Devised Theatre Acceptance List 2019

Thank you to all who auditioned for Devised Theatre. Your originality and talent are much appreciated by the panel members. Contingent upon a satisfactory C+ academic average and meeting the requirements and deadlines listed in the Department of Theatre Handbook, the following students are offered placement in THEA 2050 Introduction to Devised Theatre in 2019-20:

Rebecca Ablack
Stéphane Arcand
David Civcic
Tuna Gumeli
Christopher Jacobs
Marianna Kokkinos
Jan Gerl Korenc
Rehaan Lachporia
Alex Lamarre
Samantha Levy
Anton Ling
Trinity Lloyd
Jessie Lutness
Zoe Marin
Sara Masciotra-Milstein
Ryan McGarvey
Ola Mularczyk
Anthony Orrico
Ellise Roth
Eliza Smith
Brianna Sutherland
Lonelle Sweeting
Rashawn Thakoordeen
Johnny Thirakul

Waiting List

The following people are on the waiting list. Gwenyth Dobie ( will contact you if a placement becomes open. Please ensure she has your preferred summer coordinates (phone/email). If a placement becomes available, the position will be offered in the following order:

1 Miranda Matthews
2 Lizzy Evagelacopoulos
3 Matteo Da Costa
4 Jadyn Nasato
5 Simran Kapoor
6 Lauren Tiersma
7 Yasmine Amirkhani
8 Tyra Correa
9 Karolina Solovka
10 Gabi Grande
11 Ashley Ovington
12 Noah Webster
13 Qadira Nazarali
14 Roberto Vallarino
15 Christopher De Ciantis
16 Kaitlin Hicks
17 Pyper Johnston
18 Jessica Mazaris
19 Ashley Boldt
20 Megan Keatings
21 Tamara Mobarak
22 Mitchell Brock
23 Gabriel Futo Ahmad
24 Alexandra Gouvis

Students must accept or decline offers via email by NOON on April 22, 2019, to Gwenyth Dobie ( or the spot will be given to the next person on the wait list (although you need not wait until April 22 if you have made up your mind!). If you have been accepted into more than one area, please notify the area whose offer you are accepting and the area(s) whose offer(s) you are waiving. Acceptance into any area/series of courses is conditional upon final grades at the end of the 2019 winter term.


Specialized Honours BFA (Performance Creation)

Many students accepted into Devised Theatre opt for the BFA in Performance Creation, which may suit your needs. For more information on this program, please visit the program webpage.