Acting Conservatory Call Backs 2019

Acting Conservatory Callbacks – ACE 207 – Friday, April 12, 2019 9am-1pm or 2pm-6pm

(Warm-up room: ACE 209—open at 8:30 a.m.)

Many thanks to all who have auditioned. Your industry and talent are much appreciated.  The people on the list below are invited to the callback session from 9–1, or 2–6.


Please memorize both A and B roles of the neutral scene below.

You will also be presenting your second monologue. Please bring snacks and fluids to tide you over throughout the session.

Please contact Eric Armstrong at if you will not be attending the callback session.





Neutral Scene

(please memorize both roles: A and B)

A:         Hi.

B:         Hello.

A:         How’s everything?

B:         Fine. I guess.

A:         Do you know what time it is?

B:         No. Not exactly.

A:         Don’t you have a watch?

B:         Not on me.

A:         Well?

B:         Well what?

A:         What did you do last night?

B:         What do you mean?

A:         What did you do last night?

B:         Nothing.

A:         Nothing?

B:         I said, nothing.

A:         I’m sorry I asked.

B:         That’s all right.