Add and Drop Deadline Dates

There are deadlines for adding and dropping courses, both academic and financial. Since, for the most part, the dates are different, be sure to read the information carefully so that you understand the differences between the sessional dates below and the refund tables.

You are strongly advised to pay close attention to the “Last date to enrol without permission of course instructor” deadlines.  These deadlines represent the last date students have unrestricted access to the registration and enrolment system.  After that date, you must contact the professor/department offering the course to arrange permission.  You can drop courses using the registration and enrolment system up until the drop deadline. After that, you will receive a grade for the course.

Add and Drop Deadline Dates
Term F Term Y Term W
Last date to enrol without permission of course instructor Sept. 24 Sept. 24 Jan. 17
Last date to enrol with permission of course instructor Oct. 8 Oct. 22 Jan. 29
Last date to drop courses without receiving a grade Nov. 9 Feb. 5 Mar. 4