Important Dates

The Registrar’s Office has information on important dates. Also, our Department of Theatre Student Handbook (pdf) features information on Important Dates.

The following table offers the dates for our most commonly used semesters F (Fall), Y (full Year) and W (Winter). For terms A, AF, P, P2, WW, B, P3, or WS, see the chart at the Registrar’s Office.

Fall Classes Start Sept. 8 Sept. 8
Co-Curricular Days Oct. 29-Nov. 2 Oct. 29-Nov. 2
Fall Classes End Dec. 7 Dec. 7
Study Day Dec. 2 & 8 Dec. 2 & 8
Fall Exams Start Dec. 9 Dec. 9
Fall Exams End Dec. 22 Dec. 22
Winter Classes Start (Resume) Jan. 5 Jan. 5
Reading Week Feb. 14-20 Feb. 14-20
Winter Classes End Apr. 6 Apr. 6
Study Day Apr. 7 Apr. 7
Winter Exams Begin Apr. 8 Apr. 8
Winter Exams End Apr. 24 Apr. 24