BA (Toronto), MFA (Yale)

Professor Emeritus

David Rotenberg has founded two theatre companies and directed extensively throughout Canada and the United States. His directing credits include two Broadway shows — The News and 1940’s Radio Hours — and half a dozen Canadian premieres. As visiting artist at the Shanghai Theatre Academy in 1994, he directed the first Canadian play ever to be produced in translation in China with a Chinese cast and creative team: George Ryga’s drama The Ecstasy of Rita Joe.

David Rotenberg’s visit to China set the stage for his critically-acclaimed first novel, the thriller The Shanghai Murders: A Mystery of Love and Ivory (1998), followed by four more in his mystery series:The Lake Ching Murders (2002), The Hua Shan Hospital Murders (shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Award for best crime novel of 2003), The Hamlet Murders�(2004) and The Golden Mountain Murders (2005). His most recent book is Shanghai, a critically-acclaimed historical novel about the Chinese metropolis.

David Rotenberg’s work in film and television includes serving as acting coach for My Secret Identityand Friday the 13th and private acting coach for The New Kung Fu on CBS. He edited and directedMissing Treasures for Global Television and has written the ‘bible for the tv shows … and Smell the Coffee for Sunrise Productions and Gateway for Don Kurt Productions. Five of his film scripts have been optioned by film companies. He serves as artistic director of Professional Actors Lab in Toronto.

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