50 years of Disruption



July 15, 2018

4 Questions: Molly Thomas

This week we’re joined by Molly Thomas, who graduated from York 2 years ago, having specialized in Devised Theatre and Playwriting/New Play Dramaturgy. She tells us about the impact of her work at York, and how it helps her in day-to-day work as an historical interpreter. 

July 8, 2018

4 Questions: Sky Gilbert

This article continues our series 50 Years of Disruption, in celebration of the Department of Theatre’s 50th Anniversary. In it, we’ll ask each participant four questions about themselves and their time at York. 1. Who are you? Sky Gilbert Sky Gilbert… View Article

July 1, 2018

4 Questions: Jeannette Lambermont-Morey

This week, we’re joined by director and theatre maker Jeannette Lambermont-Morey, who currently is teaching scene study for the winter semester of the third year Acting Conservatory at York. In answering our four questions, she shares “mind-blowing” ex… View Article

June 24, 2018

4 Questions: Robert Benedetti

Dr. Robert Benedetti Dr. Robert Benedetti is a renowned and award-winning theatre educator, writer, and three-time Emmy and Peabody Award-winning film producer.  On top of being chairman at the Department of Theatre at York in the early 70’s, he was Ch… View Article

Jillian Keiley
June 17, 2018

4 Questions: Jillian Keiley

1. Who are you? Jillian Keiley Jillian Keiley (BFA Directing 1994): I’m lucky. And I’m exhausted.  I’m a mom and an artistic director, a wife and friend, sister and daughter, a director and sometimes a producer and sometimes a writer.  I have only ever… View Article

June 10, 2018

4 Questions: Alan Filewod

Alan Filewod Alan Filewod (Theatre Studies ’76) joins us to talk about his journey in Theatre, from his time starting out at York to his time as a theatre professor at the University of Guelph. This article is the third in our series 50 Years of Disrup… View Article

June 1, 2018

4 Questions: James Roy

James Roy James Roy began his career in 1975 at the age of twenty-two when he founded the Blyth Festival.  This theatre in small town Ontario was one of the first to specialize in producing new Canadian works, and remains one of the most successful the… View Article

May 11, 2018

4 Questions: Bessie Cheng

Bessie Cheng is a playwright, actor, and theatre creator. She graduated from York in 2016 in Theatre Studies, with specializations in Devised Theatre and Playwriting. We talked with her about her experience at York, and the development of her show, Silk Bath.