York Theatre Professors
Production/Design faculty Peter McKinnon, Elizabeth Asselstine, John Mayberry, Teresa Przybylski, and James McKernan at the Prague Quadrenial 2011.

What makes the Department of Theatre at York University such a fine place? Why the people, of course! With exceptional faculty, staff and students, this combination of integrity, professionalism, hard-work and commitment to theatre makes York a wonderful place to study and work. Our alumni have gone on to careers in theatre, the performing arts, and elsewhere that are truly remarkable. We’ve created stories about Faculty, Students and Alumni that we’ve shone a Spotlight On…

Our full-time faculty features professional designers, theorists, dancers, creators, critics, directors, carpenters, editors, producers, coaches, dramaturgs, writers, actors, choreographers, practitioners, theatre historians, playwrights, performers, teachers and researchers.

Marlis Schweitzer is the new Associate Editor for Theatre Research in Canada and is co-editing an upcoming issue on empire and the performance of masculinity in nineteenth-century Canada.  Peter McKinnon has just received great critical acclaim for World Scenography 1975-1990, the first of a three volume series of  books looking at stage design throughout the world.  Michael Greyeyes is a director who sees no boundaries between dance and theatre; one of his genre-bending works, from thine eyes, is currently programmed at the Prismatic Festival in Halifax this September. Judith Rudakoff edited the book Trans(per)forming Nina Arsenault: An Unreasonable Body of Work,  dramaturged Arsenault’s performance installation 40 Days and 40 Nights for Summerworks Festival and is working on a new book entitled Dramaturging Personal Narratives:Who Am I and Where Is Here? Shawn Kerwin designed Having Hope at Home for the Blyth Festival this sumer, and is working on costumes for a production of Miracle on 34th St. for the Grand Theatre in London. This summer, Eric Armstrong designed and coached Japanese accents for the workshop of Daniel MacIvor’s new play, Arigato, Tokyo, for Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Don Rubin  was a member of an invited international jury this past summer at an one of eastern Europe’s most prestigious theatre festivals — the Sibiu Festival in Romania. Teresa Przybylski is working on two interesting shows for the next season at both the Stratford Festival and the Shaw Festival: sets for Lady Windermere’s Fan by Oscar Wilde, Shaw Festival (directed by Peter Hinton) and sets and costumes for Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett, Stratford (directed by Jennifer Tarver). Ines Buchli is a current member of Tarragon Theatre’s Playwright Unit and she just directed a multi-disciplinary workshop of The Secret Doctrine which will receive its world premiere production in Vancouver at the new Wong Theatre in 2013.

Our students come to us, both on the undergraduate and graduate level, full of passion and potential. After a rigourous audtion/interview/evaluation process, our first year BA Theatre students go through a year of exploration and discovery, being exposed to all sides of the theatre world, from Stagecraft, to Acting, to Theatre History. At the second year mark, our students apply to our various upper-year areas of concentration in Theatre Studies, Devised Theatre, Production/Design, Playwriting & New Play Dramaturgy, and Acting. Our graduate students in Theatre (MFA) are very often mature artists, who seek to retool for a different way to work in the theatre; they bring to us years of experience and wisdom that they share as teachers and TAs in the fields of Acting, Design and Stage Direction. Our MA and PhD students in the Theatre Studies program come from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience; some enter the program directly from BA programs; others arrive after spending years working professionally. Through intensive study in seminar classes, colloquia, and workshops, all students enrich their understanding of the practices, debates, and critical assumptions central to the field of Theatre Studies.

We are particularly proud of our Alumni. Working in all areas of the theatre world, from Acting to Production, from Playwriting to Directing, from Design to Devising, from Criticism to Clowing, from Teaching to Stage Management, our alumni do it all, and they do it all over the world.