Playwriting & Dramaturgy Acceptance List 2021

Please accept or decline your placement on or before May 10, 2021 at noon to


This course may be taken at the same time as Production/Design, Devised Theatre, or Performance Creation Research (formerly Theatre Studies), but there is a schedule conflict with the COSTUME DESIGN courses (2120, 2121, 3143, 3144, 4143) and 3290 that requires choosing one or the other.

If you are on the Waiting List, you will be notified if a placement becomes available by email, using the email address you used to submit your application portfolio.

Playwrights (in alphabetical order):

Andrew, Faith

Bourbonnais, Laura

de Manuel, Gabrielle

De Sousa, Megan

Harack, Dave

Harewood, Richenda

Nguyen, Le

Pigeau, Clark

Poisson, Cody

Rocca, Hannah

Saliola, Mackenzie

Sokolow, Grace

Stoddart, Austin K.

Thangkhiew, Natasha Advani

Usher, Julia

Waiting List (Playwrights):

    1. Radisch, RainbeauxHarmony
    2. Cappiello, Isabella
    3. Davies, Gabriella


Dramaturgs (in alphabetical order):

Cleave, John

Follows, Robert

Josephs, Sanya A.

McCavitt, Zoe

Rahim, Hasibur

Ulnik, Eden

Whincop, Danny

Zhang, Hui


Students must accept or decline offers by NOON on May 10, 2021 to Marlis Schweitzer ( or the spot will be given to the next person on the Wait List (although you need not wait until May 10 if you have made up your mind!) If you have been accepted into more than one area, please notify both the area whose offer you are accepting AND the area(s) whose offer(s) you are waiving. Acceptance into any area/series of courses is conditional upon final grades at the end of the 2021 Winter term.

Specialized Honours BFA (Performance Creation)

For more information on the BFA in Performance Creation program, please visit the program webpage.