Devised Theatre Acceptance List 2020

Thank you to all who auditioned for Devised Theatre. Your originality and talent are much appreciated by the panel members. Contingent upon a satisfactory C+ academic average and meeting the requirements and deadlines listed in the Department of Theatre Handbook, the following students are offered placement in THEA 2050 Introduction to Devised Theatre in 2020-21:

Eric Amaral

Annie Buckton

Matthew Cava-Ferraro

Mercedes Clunie

Kate Counsel

Taylor Cumming

Emily Gervasi

Kyle Granada

Claudia Lamaj

Jan Leonardo

Liam Lockhart-Rush

Mackenzie Mccallum Mallory

Tristan Moore

Isaiah Morra

Emily Elizabeth Payzant

Gaetano Peritore

Clark Pigeau

Sophia Pontrelli

Rachel Quintanilla

Alex Rodey

Alexander Saridag

Chitrupa Sharma

Abishek Sharma

Rebecca Stone

Olivia Taylor

Hope Van Der Merwe

Waiting List

The following people are on the waiting list. Ian Garrett ( will contact you if a placement becomes open. Please ensure he has your preferred summer coordinates (phone/email). If a placement becomes available, the position will be offered in the following order:

  1. Kat Kellas
  2. Calista Schlosser
  3. Rachel Arnold
  4. Lawrencia Effah
  5. Shelby Mwambu
  6. Hannah Rocca
  7. Melanie Arauco
  8. Robert Leitner
  9. Hasibur Rahim
  10. Sam Marion
  11. Elya Khairul Azhar

Students must accept or decline offers via email by NOON on May 4, 2020*, to Ian Garrett ( or the spot will be given to the next person on the wait list (although you need not wait until May 4th if you have made up your mind!). If you have been accepted into more than one area, please notify the area whose offer you are accepting and the area(s) whose offer(s) you are waiving. Acceptance into any area/series of courses is conditional upon final grades at the end of the 2020 winter term.


Specialized Honours BFA (Performance Creation)

Many students accepted into Devised Theatre opt for the BFA in Performance Creation, which may suit your needs. For more information on this program, please visit the program webpage.