Acting Conservatory Call Backs 2021



Many thanks to all who auditioned for the Second Year Acting Conservatory. Your industry and talent are much appreciated.

The people on the list below are invited to submit a callback video.

Please follow the instructions below this list for the callback video components.

Ahmed Zina
Amini Jhon
Anas Arina
Antolin Mydel
Bisram Stephanie
Ciarlandini Isabella
Gavina Giulia
Farsijani Faraz
Gallagher Molly
Hildebrand Tipelo
Hrkalovic Elena
Karwal Rick
Kiley Melissa
Lidbetter Isabella
Lopez Morales Naomi
Ly Emma
Mitruk Kostyn
Pepe-Francis Natalie
Picarelli Julianna
Radisch Rainbeauxharmony
Revita Lia
Silvestre Kayla
Sitoh Jobina
Solivio Amber
Stefanson Natalie
Stejskal Morgan
Suleman Irfaan
Vance Alyson
Witlib Mary


Callback candidates for the Second-Year Acting Conservatory are invited to submit a single YouTube link of a callback video that has the following components:

  • Let the panel know your full name (and your preferred name if you have one).
  • Let the panel know your pronouns if you wish.
  • Tell a joke to the panel (a maximum of one minute).
  • Let the panel know the name of the character, play and playwright of your second contemporary monologue (e.g. Leo, Leo, Rose Laborde).
  • Perform your second contemporary monologue (a maximum of 1:30, from a published play with a professional production history. No dialects or accents. No mime and a maximum of one prop).
  • Please use the song “Tiempo de Drumba” by Ojos de Brujo at and improvise a full-body movement piece to the music.

  • ONE MINUTE ONLY from anywhere you choose in the song. This is NOT dancing like you would at a club!
  • As you move, take a hat, ANY hat, and it needs to go on and off at least two places on your body (this can be anywhereBUT your head).
  • You are not required to succeed at the task!


For the callback video:

  • We don’t require a professional recording. A basic “home” recording will suffice, provided the recording quality allows us to clearly view your callback presentation.
  • Place the camera in a stabilized horizontal or landscape position for your second contemporary monologue (rather than a vertical or portrait position).
  • Stand for your second contemporary monologue performance if your circumstances permit.
  • Ensure your face is receiving adequate light.
  • Shoot in a medium close-up for the second contemporary monologue (your eyes at the level of the camera, the top of your head just under the top of the frame, and your chest just above the bottom of the frame).
  • Perform your movement piece with as much of your full body visible as is possible in the video. To facilitate this, you may record in horizontal (landscape) mode or vertical (portrait) mode, depending on the space in which you are located.
  • Perform the callback components 1-4 above with your focal point directly to the camera.
  • Perform your second contemporary monologue with your focal point slightly to the right or left of the camera (i.e. NOT directly to the camera).
  • Perform all the callback components (1-6 above) in a single unedited take (no worries if you need to take the time while you record to adjust your camera and/or to start the music for the movement piece). If you must pause the recording, please ensure all of the callback components above are contained in a single video file (sent as a single YouTube link).


Please upload your callback video to YouTube:

  • Go to your account at
  • Upload your callback video and select “unlisted” as the privacy setting.
  • Please ensure that the callback video you have uploaded is the final version you wish to submit.
  • Send a single YouTube link only of your callback video submission to Professor Mark Wilson at
  • The deadlinefor receiving the YouTube link of your callback video submission is noon on Monday, April 26, 2021.
  • Professor Wilson will confirm the receipt of your callback YouTube link within 24 hours. If you do not receive his confirmation, please follow up with Mark ASAP.

We look forward to viewing your callback audition material!



  • Notice of Acceptancesto ALL streams (including the Second-Year Acting Conservatory) will be posted at noon, April 30, 2021.
  • Please note that these acceptances will be conditional based on final grades.
  • You will need to confirm your acceptance to a particular program of study by noon on May 10, 2021.
Questions? Contact Professor Mark Wilson at