Acting Conservatory Acceptance List 2021

Second-Year Acting Conservatory – Offers of Placement 2021

Thank you to all who auditioned for the Second-Year Acting Conservatory. Your talent and commitment are much appreciated by the panel members.

Contingent upon meeting the minimum grade point average requirements in the 2020/2021 academic year and meeting the requirements and deadlines of the Department of Theatre, the following students are offered placement in the Second-Year Acting Conservatory for the fall term of the 2021/22 academic year:

Zina Ahmed

Arina Anas

Mydel Antolin

Steph Bisram

Isabella Ciarlandini

Molly Gallagher

Giulia Gavina

Rick Karwal

Naomi Lopez Morales

Emma Ly

Kostyn Mitruk

Kayla Silvestre

Jobina Sitoh

Amber Solivio

Irfaan Suleman

Alyson Vance


Waiting List

The following people are on the waiting list. Mark Wilson ( will contact you if a placement becomes open. Please ensure he has your preferred summer email coordinate. If a placement becomes available, the position will be offered in the following order:

1) Elena Hrkalovic

2) Natalie Pepe-Francis

3) Julianna Picarelli

4) Mary Witlib

5) Melissa Kiley

6) Tipelo Hildebrand

7) Natalie Stefanson

8) Lia Revita

9) Jhon Amini

10) Faraz Farsijani

11) Morgan Stejskal

12) RainbeauxHarmony Radisch


Students must accept or decline offers via email by NOON on Monday, May 10, to Mark Wilson ( or the spot will be given to the next person on the wait list (although you need not wait until May 10 if you have made up your mind!). If you have been accepted into more than one area, please notify the area whose offer you are accepting and the area(s) whose offer(s) you are waiving. Acceptance into any area/series of courses is conditional upon final grades at the end of the 2021 winter term.

IMPORTANT: Students who accept an offer into Acting or Production must submit a request to change their degree from Honours BA (Specialized) to Honours BFA (Specialized) by going online and electronically submitting a Program Change Request before June 30th  (available at


For students entering the Second-Year Acting Conservatory:

All three General Education requirements must be completed within your first 90 credits, and it is strongly recommended that you complete them within your first 60 credits. Because of the intense workload in fourth-year acting, it is highly recommended that students complete all courses outside the Department of Theatre before entering into their fourth year.

Acceptance into second-year acting does not automatically guarantee entrance into third- or fourth-year acting.  Students will be reassessed at the end of each term. Assessment is based on academic standing, evaluation/audition and progress in class work.

Students in the Acting Conservatory must maintain a grade of “B” or higher in each course of voice, movement and acting classes each term in order to be allowed to advance to the next term.

Anyone leaving the Acting Area for a period of one year or more, for whatever reason, even if in good academic standing, will be expected to re-audition to re-enter the Area unless a statement to the contrary has been received in writing from the Area at the time of withdrawal.