June 9, 2021

(Re)Setting the Stage: The Past, Present, and Future of Casting Practices in Canada

Organized by York University Professors Jamie Robinson and Marlis Schweitzer with support from Ph.D. graduate student Marilo Nuñez and undergraduate students Dante Jemmott, Cassandra Henry, and Zoe Marin, professional theatre directors, playwrights, actors, educators, and students from across Canada joined together for a series of Zoom panel discussions organized across 2 days in May and June 2021.

(Re)Setting the Stage: The Past, Present, and Future of Casting Practices in Canada responds to the urgent need to address systemic racism in Canadian theatre.

The event was a response call for greater transparency and accountability in creative practices, including (but not limited to) casting decisions and play selection within the Canadian theatre industry. The aim was to bring together professional artists to reflect on the harmful legacy of casting practices and to build towards a better, more equitable, future.

There were three panels over two days, and you can still watch two of these brilliant panels at the links below.  (The third panel was not recorded by request):

Legacies of Historical Casting Practices with panelists Carmen Aguirre, Walter Borden, Jani Lauzon, Beatriz Pizano, and Kim Rampersad
Embracing More Inclusive/Diverse Practices with panelists Niña Lee Aquino, Kevin Hanchard, Marilo Nuñez, and David Yee
Future Opportunities for Innovation & Connection with panelists Tara Beagan, Augusto Bitter, Marjorie Chan, Emma Ferreira, and Mike Payette

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