November 20, 2012

Third Year Devised Theatre Unmounteds Perform Tonight!

Y3 DT Unmounteds`

York's Third Year Devised Theatre (DT) students have been hard at work in the studios for weeks to create their first publicly performed unmounted pieces to be presented on Tuesday, November 20th.

Since beginning the DT program last year the third year class has been developing, exploring and honing their creative skills in collective creation. Their assignment, entitled “The Interview Projects”, was to create a piece based around the performance of a pre-existing interview which would be used as the primary text of the show. Without editing, cutting or rearranging the interviews, the devisers have spent hours tirelessly rehearsing and reworking their pieces to prepare and meet the demands of the assignment.

Below is an interview conducted with the dramaturgs of one of the four pieces to give you a little sneak peek on the process and what goes into a devised theatre project. They discuss a method called “Viewpoints” which is a system developed by Anne Bogart which examines time and spacial identity on the stage and how these components communicate ideas and relationships to an audience. See their work in action in “How Much?”.

The showings have been organized into two pairs and will be performed in studios 207 and 209 in the Accolade East building at 7:00pm.

Series A:
(Julia Matias, Phil Turk, Leah Green, Steph Paolucci, Raeburn Ferguson, Kelly Anderson & Rachel Kennedy)

(Gillian Kessel, Meredith Wolting, Nadya Khoja, Laura Commisso, Ethan Resendes, Christoph Ibrahim, Lena Burmenko)

Series B:
How much?
(Shauna Sloan, Justyn Racco, Milana Glumicic, Cassandra Brennan, Matt Carson, Sydney Brockway, Pia Singhal, Sarah Campbell)

All My Heart
(Katherine Noyes, Kyra Ritchie, Andrew Markowiak, Ian Cameron Clail, Ross Hammond, Freeda Kassar, Glory Dearling & Victoria Stacey)

For more information, see the Devised Theatre program page.

Look for more from us on the work our DT students are doing in the future!