Devised Theatre Acceptance List 2017-2018

Thank you to all who auditioned for Devised Theatre. Your originality and talent are much appreciated by the panel members. Contingent upon a satisfactory C+ academic average and meeting the requirements and deadlines listed in the Department of Theatre Handbook, the following students are offered placement in THEA 2050 Introduction to Devised Theatre in 2017-18:

  • Abas, Brandon
  • Baines, Madison
  • Brennan, Caitlin
  • Brophy-Wiltshire, Rikki
  • Bruce, Nathan
  • Carella, Victoria
  • Copetti, Jessica
  • Dalton, Brooke
  • El-Abbassi, Adam
  • Garisto, Adam
  • Harper, Justine
  • Heisler, Jake
  • Ius, Madeline
  • Liang, Yu
  • Marathe, Sanskruti
  • McNeil, Michael
  • Mees, Jayna
  • Middleton, Tom
  • Millar, Reid
  • Rivas Quintanilla, Andrea
  • Silman, Jade
  • St. Jean, Katia
  • Vigneswaran, Anoja
  • Walker, Tamia
  • Reid-Beckette, Mikalah
  • Richards, Natasha

Confirm or waive acceptance by e-mail to Gwenyth Dobie ( by NOON on Monday May 1, 2017, or the placement will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

Waiting List

The following people are on the waiting list. Gwenyth Dobie will contact you if a place in the class becomes available. If you are on the waiting list, please email Gwenyth Dobie ( to ensure that she has your summer coordinates (email address and phone number). The positions will be offered in the following order:

  1. Herridge, Emily
  2. Cachero, Carl
  3. Bourgeois, Keisha
  4. Hope, Jacob
  5. Waldorf, Taryn
  6. Balyk, Jessica
  7. Wyrwich, Gabriela
  8. Gomes, Sabrina
  9. Murphy, Ashley
  10. Jagusic, Karley
  11. Theisinger, Ella
  12. Matias, Vitoria
  13. Poisson, Cody
  14. Zotti, Olivia
  15. Henfrey, Rachael
  16. Waugh, Christa-Marie
  17. Blondeau, Eve
  18. Osei, Nia
  19. Sviridov, Innokenty
  20. Mercurio, Fabiana
  21. Hantziantoniou, Alexia
  22. Samuel, Braeden
  23. Stobie, Drew
  24. Arman, Maryam
  25. Breen, Adam