First year: Major Courses in Theatre

All students accepted into the Department of Theatre in the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design (AMPD) enter as BA Honours Theatre Majors.  The first year is a program common to all Theatre students, and offers courses in Acting, Production/Design and Performance Creation & Research.  At the end of the first year, there is a selection process (either by audition or interview) to proceed into the various areas of interest, or students may remain in the program as Performance Creation & Research students.

For Theatre majors, entry into any 2000-level Theatre course requires successful completion of THEA 1010 3.0, THEA 1100.3.0 and THEA 1200 6.0.

THEA 1010 3.0 Introduction to Acting I

Required of all first year Theatre majors; open to Theatre majors only.
Co-requisites: THEA 1100 3.0 and THEA 1200 6.0

This practical studio course introduces the principles, processes and skills of acting for the stage.  Students will rehearse and perform a variety of class presentations, and actively participate in warm-ups, theatre games and acting exercises.  There is a strong written component to the curriculum.  (First year students who successfully pass THEA 1010 3.0 may continue taking acting in the Winter term by enrolling in THEA 1011 3.0.) Note:  A minimum of two rehearsal hours per week may be required.  Students interested in auditioning for the Acting Conservatory must take THEA 1011 3.0.

THEA 1100 3.0 Introduction to Stagecraft I

Required of all first year Theatre majors; open to Theatre majors only.
Co-requisites: THEA 1010 3.0 and THEA 1200 6.0

Through exposure to a variety of technical areas, students will develop production crew work habits and build a basic vocabulary in Production and Design.  Participation on crews is a requirement of this course.  First year students may continue taking Stagecraft in the Winter term by enrolling in THEA 1110 3.0.

Crew Calls

All first year students are required to attend crews associated with their courses In addition, production meetings and some rehearsals require their presence.  Other Theatre majors, when they take production courses, will participate in crew assignments as part of the course requirements.

All students should note that crew assignments involve evening and weekend work calls.  It is the students’ responsibility to make themselves available as called.  Failure to complete crew assignments will affect course grades.

THEA 1200 6.0 Introduction to Theatre and Performance

Required of all first year Theatre majors; open to Theatre majors/minors only.
Co-requisites: THEA 1010 3.0 and THEA 1100 3.0

Designed to introduce Theatre students to the key concepts and debates animating Theatre studies today. Beginning with the overarching question “What is theatre and why/how do we study it?”, students will explore a wide range of topics, including (but not limited to) audience, space, time, bodies, community, spectacle, history, and politics. The course will also introduce students to a range of theoretical and methodological approaches for studying theatre and performance, e.g. performance ethnography, theatre historiography, community activism, practice-based research, educational outreach. Students will have opportunities to work individually as well as collaboratively on written and performance projects. They will also become familiar with Toronto’s lively theatre and performance ecology through visits to a wide range of performances over the course of the year.

AMPD 1900 3.0 series of courses

Two 3.0 credit courses (total 6.0 credits) from the AMPD 1900 3.0 series of courses, outside the major, are required of all Faculty of Fine Arts degrees. These courses may be used to satisfy either the humanities general education requirement or a fine arts requirement (i.e. an in/out requirement or a fine arts elective), but not both. For students admitted to AMPD with a minimum of 54 transfer credits, the six credits from the AMPD 1900 3.0 series of courses outside the major are optional.