Production and Design 2014

Thank-you all very much for your work in the courses and on the shows this year, as well as for your letters and interviews. All acceptances are conditional upon grades at the end of the winter term, 2013-14.

The following people are being offered places in the area for 2014-15:

Arnott Jonathan  
Barnes Robyn  
Chamilliard Katie  
Clark Laura  
Cole Sidonia  
Daniel Jamin  
Davison-Mora Rebecca  
Deeley Adrienne  
dePencier Rebecca  
Duncan Haley  
Flanigan Erin  
Francis Kaitlin  
Gallant Kaitlyn  
Hanson Kristiaan  
Heydarian Aram  
Kula  Raechel  
Larry Scarlett  
Lockhart Rebecca  
MacNeill Keara  
MacWha Adam  
Maheral Taylor  
McCue Sam  
McGouran Jennifer  
Mihaileanu Julian  
Norman Nichole  
Seralathan Mathuranthahan  
Simpson Sashoya  
Taylor Mackenzie  
Vigneault Nicole  
Watson Larissa  
Woods Daniel

Please indicate your acceptance IN WRITING or by email to James McKernan ( by NOON on Thursday, May 1st, or your place will be given to the next person on the waiting list. If you are accepting an offer from another area, please let us know that you will not be joining us in Production, so we can bump the next person up from the waiting list.

Students who accept an offer in Production/Design have to submit online the request to change their degree to BFA (if in Acting or Production), by going online and submitting electronically the form "Change My Program" to change from Honours BA, Specialized, to Honours BFA by June 1st.

The following people are wait-listed, in the following order:

Rodriguez Ramirez Ashley  
Williams Cassie  
Robertson Aaron  
Carey Danielle  
Rooney Cody  
Wendell Ellen  
Bianca Celeste