Playwriting and New Play Dramaturgy 2014

Playwriting 3290 2014-2015

Accepted  (in alphabetical order):

Bessie Cheng
Shannon Farrell
Erin Flanigan
Sabah Haque
Tessa Kuhn
Caitlin McKenzie
Rhys Naylor
Maryana Parfenyuk
Shashoya Simpson

Waiting List (in priority order):

1. Betty Ferede
2. Daniel Woods
3. Deanna Galati
4. Robyn Barns
5. Jacob Free
6. Hayley Pace



Raechel Kula
Elise Lacroix
Scarlett Larry
Molly Thomas

Waiting List:

1. Colin Bamsey

Please note that the 3290 and 4290 Dramaturgs meet weekly, from 10:30-11:20, in addition to the regularly scheduled class (3290 is held from 11:30 to 2:30 on Thursdays). If you have a course conflict, we will find a way to accommodate this. If, for example, you are taking History of Visual Sources, you can arrive to the dramaturgy session when Vis is finished. If it is possible, please do not schedule non-required courses during this hour.