Devised Theatre 2014

Thank you to all who auditioned for Devised Theatre. Your originality and talent are much appreciated by the panel members. Contingent upon a satisfactory C+ academic average and meeting the requirements and deadlines listed in the Department of Theatre Handbook, the following students are offered placement in THEA 2050 Introduction to Devised Theatre in 2014-2015:

Arnott, Jonathon
Barnes, Robyn
Boulet, Ryan
Buma, Abby
Burdi, Joseph M.
Davison-Mora, Rebecca
Demidova, Sofia
Flanagan, Erin
Francis, Kaitlin
Gallant, Kaitlyn
Jonaton, Meredith
Klein, Rebecca
Kula, Raechel
Larry, Scarlett
Lynch, Jessica
MacNeil, Jenna
MacNeil, Keara
Maheral, Taylor
Manzo, Charles
McCallum, Shea
Mehra, Vrati
Mifsud, Kaitlyn
Murray, Blake
Naylor, Rhys
Parfenyuk, Maryana
Robertson, Aaron
Rodriguez-Ramirez, Ashley
Sirju, Oksana
Tam, Rowena
Taylor, Mackenzie
Watt, Alison
Williams, Cassie

Confirm or waive acceptance by e-mail to Laura Levin ( by NOON on Thursday, May 1, 2014, or the placement will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

Waiting List

The following people are on the waiting list. Laura Levin will contact you if a place in the class becomes available. If you are on the waiting list, please email Laura Levin ( to ensure that she has your summer coordinates (email address and phone number). The positions will be offered in the following order:

1. Farrell, Shannon
2. Rooney, Cody
3. Yasaman Nouri
4. Watson, Larissa
5. Lord, Daniel
6. Petriw, Melanie
7. Westerberg, Dana
8. Deboran-Hotrun, Asha
9. Vincenzo-Custodio, Amanda
10.  Comrie, Renita
11.  Mihaileanu, Justin
12.  Flores, Alejandra
13.  Turner, Stephanie