Upper Years of Concentration

All students proceeding into second year in Theatre choose, and seek admission, to an area of concentration, which will define the selection of courses available to them.  There are three areas of concentration:  Theatre Studies, Production/Design and Acting.  Entry into the various areas of concentration is either by evaluation or self-selection, and final decision is based on grades.  Once a student has declared and been accepted into an area of concentration, s/he becomes subject to a number of specific core requirements and recommended options, within the general requirements of the BA/BFA degrees in Theatre.

Students who are accepted into the Production/Design Area or Acting Conservatory, must complete a Change of Degree form by June 30 to switch from BA Honours to BFA Honours, which is available online at the Registrar's Office.

Theatre Studies

Devised Theatre

Playwriting and New Play Dramaturgy

Production and Design