Spotlight on Faculty

Theatre and Performance Studies Faculty Release Four New Books

Professors Alberto Guevara, Laura Levin, Judith Rudakoff, and Marlis Schweitzer have new books since the beginning of the year. These four volumes cover Nicaragua's ongoing social drama; site-specific

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Eric armstrong  medium
Spotlight on Faculty: Eric Armstrong

Eric Armstrong teaches voice, speech, dialects/accents, and Shakespeare text in the MFA and BFA Acting programs. We cach up with him on sabbatical, during which he is working as dialect coach on Mirvish

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Spotlight on Faculty: Gwenyth Dobie

Gwenyth Dobie is an Associate Professor at the Department of Theatre. She teaches movement for actors and devised theatre. Last year, she directed the Theatre @ York production of The Beggar’s Opera. This

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Don rubin
Spotlight on Faculty: Don Rubin

Don Rubin, whose specialization is Theatre Studies—in particular aesthetics, criticism, Canadian theatre, and modern drama—has been teaching in the Dept. of Theatre since it's very first days. He sat down... More

Ian garrett
Spotlight on Faculty: Interview with Ian Garrett

Designer, producer, administrator and York Theatre professor Ian Garrett discusses sustainability and his work this summer in Cardiff, Wales and Edinburgh, Scotland, and the impact his research is having on... More

Secret Doctrine
Spotlight on Faculty: Ines Buchli

Acting-Directing Professor Ines Buchli's production of Patricia Gruben's new play The Secret Doctrine is being mounted from Tuesday to Saturday (July 2 to 6) at Simon Fraser University Woodward's Theatre in... More

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Eric Armstrong: Dialect Coaching on “Arigato, Tokyo”

Eric Armstrong, who teaches voice, speech, accents and text in the BFA and MFA Acting programs, works in the field of accent and dialect design for Theatre, Film and Television. He shares his process on... More

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Judith Rudakoff: Dramaturging Performance Outside the Box

Judith has worked as a dramaturg for conventional forms of theatre as well as genre-defying performance events. In this article, she discusses what a dramaturg does and gives some insight into her recent work... More

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Erika Batdorf: studying Toepeng dance in Bali

Faculty member and movement specialist Erika Batdorf updates us on her sabbatical experiences in Bali, where this month she's been studying a dance form called Topeng. More

Gwen dobie
Gwen Dobie: Teaching Movement to the Actor and Yoga

Movement teacher Gwen Dobie shares the story of her research into "Heart Yoga" and its application to her teaching practice. More

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Spotlight on New Faculty: Magdalena Kazubowski-Houston

New Theatre Studies professor Magdalena Kazubowski-Houston talks about her research interests doing performance ethnography with Polish Roma women, and her first months of teaching at York. More

Spotlight on New Faculty: Ian Garrett

New Production/Design faculty member Ian Garrett takes a moment to answer our questions about his creative work and research, his return to teaching and what the future might hold for him here at York More

Gwen Dobie
Spotlight on Faculty: Gwen Dobie

Gwen Dobie is an Associate Professor in York University’s Fine Arts Program in the Faculty of Theatre. Her focus is as a teacher in the Acting area. More

Spotlight on Faculty: Michael Greyeyes

Movement professor Michael Greyeyes returned from sabbatical in 2011. After a year off from teaching, we caught up to find out what he’s been up to... More

Shawn Kerwin
Spotlight on Faculty: Shawn Kerwin

Design professor Shawn Kerwin was Chair of the Dept. of Theatre from 2003-2009. She returned to teaching after a two-year sabbatical in Fall 2011. We caught up with her in May 2011 to find out what she’d... More

Spotlight on Faculty: Peter McKinnon

In October 2011, Sara D’Agostino met with Peter McKinnon to discuss his work outside of teaching: lighting design, producing theatre, and editing a three-volume book, and what may lie ahead. More