Contract Faculty

Faculty Member Academic Specialty
Aleksandar Lukac

Acting for non-majors

Allyson McMackon

4th Year Movement

David Rayfield

Drawing for the Theatre / 1st Year Stagecraft

David Smukler

Graduate, 3rd and 4th Year Voice / Voice Teacher Diploma

Jareth Li

1st Year Stagecraft

Jennifer Triemstra-Johnston

1st Year Stagecraft

Laura Jayne Nelles

Devised Theatre

Laurel Paetz

3rd Year Voice

Lisa Magill

1st Year Stagecraft

Michael Cuttini

Practicum Carpentry/1st Year Stagecraft

Michael Kelly

Acting for non-majors

Niki Landau

Acting for non-majors

Steve Ross

Lighting Design

Sylvia Defend

Practicum Wardrobe / Intro to Costuming/Basic Costuming I, II