About Us

About Us

York University's Department of Theatre is the largest and most comprehensive in eastern Canada, combining in-depth academic studies and rigorous practical training in all aspects of theatre.

Hippolytos Cast and Company Cast and Crew of Hippolytos, dir. Micheline Chevrier (2012)

Through our courses, students deal with the creative processes and technical skills involved in the Theatre. Acting, directing and production/design are offered alongside dramatic literature, theatre history and theory, theatre criticism, and playwriting.

Each year, the department mounts a season of fully-staged productions through Theatre @ York, as well as workshop performances and student-run works-in-progress. All Theatre students are involved in some capacity, on stage or backstage.

Part of Ontario's only Faculty of Fine Arts, students are also able to access courses outside of Theatre but inside the Departments of DanceDesignFilmMusicVisual Arts and Digital Media. Combined with their General Education coursework in the rest of the unversity, these learning opportunities makes our students and alumni well-rounded collaborators, ready for all aspects of work in the Theatre.